Analytics delivery

87% of data projects don’t make it to production, often because they lack alignment with operational realities and fail to deliver tangible results. Having launched hundreds of projects with measurable impact, our team creates new ways of doing old work.

Our working philosophy

Teachers first.

Working with the Compass team is as much about fishing as learning to fish. We take time to demystify the constantly shifting lingo around data analytics so you feel confident in your decisions.

Rightsizing solutions.

Our team has seen too many over engineered and overpriced solutions that just don't work for end-users. At Compass we focus on practical, user-centric solutions enabled through a robust and scalable technology stack.

Trusted advisors.

At Compass, we aim to build a relationship of trust and mutual respect with our clients. We listen first to understand the direction they’re heading in, then strategize together to propel them toward their goals.

What we do


Data architecture: Based on your organization’s needs, we can support your architecture design, analytical tool selection, and configuration.


Legacy migration: Leave the heavy lifting to us. We take care of migrating both on-prem and legacy systems onto a secure cloud environment.


Data engineering & governance: Once migrated, we centralize your data in one place. All data sets are catalogued, traced, and “permissioned” for the right users.


Process & analytics automation: We leverage our accelerators to identify low-hanging fruit use cases you can automate to gain back time for higher value projects.


Advanced analytics & reporting: Finally, we drive real business value by identifying and executing on critical data science projects that drive top- and bottom-line returns for your organization.


Unlock the full potential of your data

We believe that every piece of data holds valuable insights, waiting to be uncovered. Our team of data specialists are dedicated to helping you transform your data into actionable intelligence.

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