Data transformation planning

A successful transformation is about understanding where you are in your journey and how to navigate key challenges. Our experts can assess your current maturity and provide a custom transformation blueprint to bring your vision to life.

Our working philosophy

Teachers first.

Working with the Compass team is as much about fishing as learning to fish. We take time to demystify the constantly shifting lingo around data analytics so you feel confident in your decisions.

Rightsizing solutions.

Our team has seen too many over engineered and overpriced solutions that just don't work for end-users. At Compass we focus on practical, user-centric solutions enabled through a robust and scalable technology stack.

Trusted advisors.

At Compass, we aim to build a relationship of trust and mutual respect with our clients. We listen first to understand the direction they’re heading in, then strategize together to propel them toward their goals.

What we do


Set aspirations: We align your organization around a near-future shared data vision that empowers business and IT units to work together.


Assess maturity & roadblocks: By balancing what is feasible and what will generate the most value quickly, we pinpoint areas slowing your transformation and help fix them.


Scope projects: We speed up this process by identifying and scoping the most relevant use cases you must implement to contend in your industry.


Prioritize & sequence: By sequencing use cases with the accompanying data and architecture initiatives, we achieve key results and lay the foundation to accelerate your next use cases.


Featured case study

Streamlining airline audit processes using the Alteryx Platform


The airline's distribution team chose the Alteryx platform (Designer and Server) to replace the legacy solution. The entire audit process was re-engineered on Alteryx Designer's low-code, no-code platform using the latest version of the airline's CRS Booking and Ticketing Policy. Workflows were built using Alteryx's drag-and-drop functionality to: 1) prepare the GDS's Billing Information Data Tapes (BIDT), 2) create the audit logic, 3) perform the audit, 4) deliver the audit results in a Power BI dashboard, 5) Upload the audit's agency debit memos to IATA's BSP using an SFTP.


Value Created

~$1M+ saved

Time Reduction

5 days to 9 minutes

Cost Savings

3x more recoveries


Unlock the full potential of your data

We believe that every piece of data holds valuable insights, waiting to be uncovered. Our team of data specialists are dedicated to helping you transform your data into actionable intelligence.

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