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The past is now. Be tomorrow.

Data is transforming how businesses operate. At Compass Analytics, we unlock the potential of Canadian organizations by building solutions that elevate team capabilities and delight customers.

What We Do

Data transformation planning

A successful transformation is about understanding where you are in your journey and how to navigate key challenges. Our experts can assess your current maturity and provide a custom transformation blueprint to bring your vision to life.

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Analytics delivery

87% of data projects don’t make it to production, often because they lack alignment with operational realities and fail to deliver tangible results. Having launched hundreds of projects with measurable impact, our team creates new ways of doing old work.

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Developing human capital

Data is only as powerful as the people that leverage it. By identifying the core capabilities your organization requires, we can help you forge the best possible path to obtain them at speed.

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Featured Partnerships

Compass Academy

The Compass Academy trains individuals to become top-tier data professionals with support from leading coaches in their sectors.

$70,000 CAD

Data analyst average starting salary


Students graduated


Average cohort review

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Unlock the full potential of your data

We believe that every piece of data holds valuable insights, waiting to be uncovered. Our team of data specialists are dedicated to helping you transform your data into actionable intelligence.

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